• Plant Highlight: Kaleidoscope Abelia
    Over our many years working with Oklahoma landscapes we have found using Abelia offers several benefits. Firstly, its compact size and vibrant foliage make it an excellent choice for adding […]
  • Pergola Options: “Cover Your Pergola” and “Patio Roof Risers”
    As a contractor, we highly recommend using Patio Roof Risers and Cover Your Pergola for several reasons. Firstly, in our experience, these products offer exceptional durability and weather resistance. Oklahoma […]
  • Kitchen Trend: Workstation Style Sinks
    In recent years, there has been a noticeable surge in the popularity of workstation-style sinks. These sinks are designed to be versatile and functional, providing a dedicated workspace right at […]
  • Claremore Curb Appeal
    BEFORE & AFTER Enhancing the curb appeal of your home can bring immense joy and value to your property. This recently completed project in Claremore shows investing in a few […]
  • Plan for Kitchen Organization
    Storage and kitchen organization are crucial aspects of any kitchen design, as they can significantly impact the functionality and efficiency of the space. Here are some reasons why: Maximizing Space: […]
  • Bringing Back a Warm Bathroom
    As you walk into this recently completed bathroom, you immediately notice the luxurious cultured marble surround in a classic white color. The surround is beautifully crafted, with smooth, polished edges […]
  • Plant Highlight: Salvia Plants
    From our many years providing landscaping services in Oklahoma, we highly recommend Salvia plants for their versatility, low-maintenance nature, and ability to thrive in our climate. Firstly, Salvia plants are […]
  • Claremore Contemporary Bathroom Remodel
    This remodeled primary bathroom is the ultimate sanctuary, where one can escape the chaos of the outside world and indulge in a moment of self-care. This space was designed with […]
  • Creating Year-Round Interest in Your Landscape
    Oklahoma’s landscaping zone makes it a great contender to include junipers to create year-round interest in residential and commercial landscapes. We continue to enjoy including them in many of our […]
  • Choosing a Bathtub
    In our experience, choosing the right bathtub for a bathroom remodel can be a challenging task. There are several factors that you should consider to make an informed decision. Firstly, […]
  • Outdoor Decorative Concrete
    Outdoor entertainment areas hold a special place in our hearts. Once upon a time when we were focused on landscaping, outdoor entertaining areas opened our eyes to the construction side. […]
  • Weed Barrier Fabric: Yay or Nay?
    While we typically opt into using weed barrier fabric on our projects, there are pros and cons to using such a product. As professional landscapers, we have used weed barrier […]
  • Kitchen Windowsills
    Kitchen window sills serve both a functional and decorative purpose in a home. They provide a surface for displaying plants, herbs, and other decorative items while also serving as a […]
  • Plant Highlight: Red Twig Dogwood
    There are quite a few plants over the years we have started to consider our favorites. This is one! From personal and professional experience we highly recommend using red twig […]
  • Pool House “Must Haves”
    Featured above is a pool house constructed in Owasso, Oklahoma including a living space with half bathroom on the interior. Reflecting on this build has us thinking about other pool […]

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