Landscaping Anniversary Gift

Before Gorilla Brothers
updated landscaping with spartan junipers and gold mop cypress, new mulch, and brick border
After Gorilla Brothers

The “builder grade” landscaping with this newer home is now inviting and special with the help of a brick border, fresh plants, and new mulch.

Plants featured: Spartan Junipers and Gold Mop Cypress

Before Gorilla Brothers
Before Gorilla Brothers

Completing an outdoor space for a couple celebrating their many many years together is truly and honor.  We were happy to provide them a beautiful space to continue to spend time together.  The fireplace provides warmth and ambiance while cooking up a delicious grilled meal on the new built in kitchen area.

This project included:

  • Concrete pad approx 26×12′ concrete addition (pinned to existing).
    • 4″ slab, footer in fireplace location.
    • Rebar, Broom finish.
    • Includes (1) strip of sod and dirt around new pad area.
    • Gas line and inspection.
  • Oudoor fireplace installed on new slab (on footer).
    • With approx 36″ wood burning opening-masonry.
    • Overall approx height 8′ tall.
    • Stone with mortar joints.
    • With hearth and side benches.
    • Chimney/flue cap in stone.
  • Outdoor kitchen made of brick to match home and a granite top.
  • Landscaping around to the front yard and around new structure in back (before and after photos to follow).

How much did this project cost?

You could expect to pay anywhere between $20,000-$30,000 for an outdoor entertaining space and landscaping like this project.

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