Blissful Oasis for All: Transforming a Bathroom in Owasso with a New Bathtub and Shower Combination that Appeals to Kids and Adults

Making selections for a full bathroom that is suitable for not only guests and adults, but also as a daily use for children can take some thought. We were happy to help!


Replacing the old bathtub with a new, more modern and functional tub was a priority in this bathroom remodel we completed in Owasso. This new alcove boasts an impressive soaking depth of approximately 16.5 inches, surpassing the standard measurements. Such a find offers a blissful submersion that allows the stresses of the day to effortlessly melt away.

But the allure doesn’t stop there. To create a truly luxurious bathing space, the design includes shower surround walls that extend all the way to the ceiling. This thoughtful choice amplifies the sense of elegance and sophistication while providing practical benefits. Taking the walls to the ceiling helps in preventing any issues with humidity and creating a more comfortable and enjoyable shower experience.

As an added bonus, this alcove with its deep soaking depth and enclosed shower surround walls becomes a haven for families with young children. Picture the delightful scene of kids splashing and giggling in the tub or shower, their playful exuberance contained within the enclosed space. The walls reaching the ceiling provide a sense of security and prevent water from splashing outside the bathing area, making cleanup a breeze.

With its enhanced soaking depth and shower surround walls reaching the ceiling, this alcove becomes a sanctuary for both relaxation and family enjoyment. It offers an unparalleled bathing experience where adults can unwind and children can delight in their bath time adventures. From soothing soaks to joyful splashes, this alcove embraces the diverse needs of a family, creating lasting memories and moments of shared happiness.

While the bathtub/shower combination is a highlight, the new vanity with increased storage will help keep this bathroom appearing tidy. The towers on either side of the new Santa Cecilia granite are a great use of the space. Delta fixtures throughout in Oil Rubbed Bronze compliment the customer’s custom wall color.

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