Owasso Kitchen Makeover: Refreshing the Heart of the Home

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we are thrilled to share the details of an incredible kitchen remodel project we recently completed in Owasso, OK. Our client had a vision for their outdated kitchen and trusted us, a team of experienced contractors, to turn it into a beautiful and functional space. In this blog post, we will walk you through the various elements of this renovation, including the removal of a bump up peninsula, the addition of exquisite Mystique quartz countertops, refinishing the cabinets with OC-17 Benjamin Moore “White Dove,” changing the backsplash to a vertical weathered look white washed plank tile, refinishing the hardwoods with a stunning “Weathered Oak” satin finish throughout the first floor, and replacing the fireplace surround with a quartz hearth and mosaic marble. Let’s dive in!


  1. Removing the Bump Up Peninsula: The first step of this kitchen remodel involved removing the outdated bump up peninsula, which was obstructing the flow and limiting the available countertop space. By eliminating this feature, we created a more open and spacious environment, allowing for better movement and increased functionality.
  2. Mystique Quartz Countertops: One of the highlights of this kitchen remodel was the addition of Mystique quartz countertops. These countertops are known for their striking beauty, durability, and low maintenance. The elegant veining and unique patterns of the Mystique quartz created a luxurious focal point in the kitchen. Not only did they enhance the aesthetics, but they also provided a practical and easy-to-clean surface for meal preparation and entertaining.
  3. Cabinet Refinishing with OC-17 Benjamin Moore “White Dove”: To give the kitchen a fresh and modern look, we opted to refinish the existing cabinets with OC-17 Benjamin Moore “White Dove.” This timeless white hue brightened the space, making it feel more open and inviting. The smooth and clean finish of the cabinets, combined with the Mystique quartz countertops, created a cohesive and sophisticated aesthetic.
  4. Vertical Weathered Look White Washed Plank Tile Backsplash: To add character and visual interest to the kitchen, we replaced the old backsplash with a vertical weathered look white washed plank tile. This choice introduced a touch of rustic charm and created a striking contrast against the clean white cabinets and countertops. The vertical installation of the tiles added height and dimension, making the kitchen feel more spacious and unique.
  5. Refinishing Hardwoods with “Weathered Oak” Satin Finish: In order to achieve a seamless flow throughout the first floor, we decided to refinish the existing hardwood floors with a stain choice called “Weathered Oak” in a satin finish. This choice complemented the overall aesthetic of the kitchen remodel, adding warmth and richness to the space. The satin finish protected the hardwoods while showcasing their natural beauty.
  6. Replacing the Fireplace Surround with a Quartz Hearth and Mosaic Marble: As part of the kitchen remodel, we also replaced the outdated fireplace surround. We chose a quartz hearth and adorned it with a mosaic marble pattern, creating a stunning focal point in the adjoining living area. This combination of materials added a touch of elegance and tied together the design elements of the kitchen and living space seamlessly.

This kitchen remodel project was truly a transformative experience, resulting in a modern, functional, and visually stunning space for our client. The removal of the bump up peninsula, addition of Mystique quartz countertops, refinishing of the cabinets, and the incorporation of the vertical weathered look white washed plank tile backsplash, all came together harmoniously. The refinishing of the hardwood floors and the replacement of the fireplace surround elevated the design, leaving our client thrilled with the final result. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would be honored to help bring your vision to life and create the kitchen of your dreams!

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