A Twist in the Wall Removal: An Owasso Kitchen Remodel Journey

Welcome to our latest kitchen remodel, where we take you on a journey through a unique renovation in Owasso. In this story, we explore a kitchen transformation with a twist—literally! The homeowners wanted to open up their kitchen and living spaces, but there was a challenging angle in the dividing wall that required careful planning and consideration. Join us as we delve into the process of removing this wall, the budget implications, and the stunning final product that retained a portion of the wall while still achieving the desired open concept.


The Challenge: Removing the Angled Wall

When the homeowners decided to undertake their kitchen remodel, they knew they wanted to create a more open and inviting space by removing the wall that separated the hallway from the kitchen and living area. However, this wasn’t your typical straight wall; it had an angle that added complexity to the project. The first step was to carefully assess the structural integrity of the wall and determine the feasibility of its removal.

Budget Considerations: Electrical, Plumbing, and Flooring

One of the crucial factors in this remodel was considering the location of electrical and plumbing lines that ran through the wall. Relocating these utilities would have added significant costs to the project, affecting the budget. Therefore, the homeowners and their remodeling team decided to work around these elements while still achieving their desired open space.

Another budget consideration was the flooring transition. Different flooring materials met at the wall, making it challenging to create a seamless transition between spaces. By keeping a portion of the wall, they were able to avoid the need for costly adjustments to the flooring, ensuring the project remained within budget.

The Compromise: Keeping a Partial Wall

After careful consideration, it was clear that removing the entire angled wall might not be the most practical option for this project. Instead, the homeowners opted to keep a significant portion of the wall intact. Surprisingly, this decision didn’t diminish the “wow factor” of the final result. In fact, it added a touch of uniqueness to the design, blending the open concept with a sense of separation between the kitchen and hallway without sacrificing functionality.

Design and Material Choices

Countertops: Calacatta Enza Quartz

Backsplash: 4×12 White Subway Tile with Arctic White Stain-Resistant Grout

Cabinets: Superior Alder Stain Grade, Shaker Style with Bevel, Soft Close Doors and Drawers. The kitchen also features a pull-out trash can, built-in pantry with (5) pull-outs, and dedicated pull-outs for spices and utensils.

Bookcase: A hidden door, bookcase style, with a plywood interior and Knotty Alder Veneer. This creative addition adds character and a touch of mystery to the space.

Flooring: Interceramic ENCIERRO Telesto 12×24 tiles were chosen, adding a modern and durable touch to the kitchen.

In conclusion, this Owasso kitchen remodel is a shining example of how creativity, thoughtful planning, and design ingenuity can turn challenges into opportunities. By embracing the twist in the wall and making strategic choices, the homeowners achieved their dream kitchen while staying within their budget. The result is an open and functional space that retains its character and a touch of separation, making it a truly unique and inviting area for both everyday living and entertaining.

We hope this blog post inspires you on your remodeling journey, and remember that with a little twist, your dream space can become a reality too!

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