Unveiling Elegance: A Breathtaking Guest Bathroom Remodel in Owasso, OK

Prepare to be captivated by the astonishing transformation of a guest bathroom nestled in Owasso, OK. Our team undertook the extraordinary task of turning an ordinary space into an extraordinary haven, replete with captivating design elements and meticulously handpicked materials. Join us as we delve into the intricate details of this remarkable renovation journey!


Bathtub Bliss: New 60×30″ Bathtub and Boutique Ceramic Crafted Surround

The heart of this renovation was the bathtub area. We replaced the old bathtub with a brand new 60×30″ bathtub, providing ample space for relaxation. To elevate the aesthetics, we chose a Boutique Ceramic Crafted White 3×12 tile surround, arranged in a sophisticated brickset pattern. The result? A timeless look that adds a touch of elegance to the entire space. The trim was meticulously chosen to perfectly match the bathtub surround, creating a harmonious visual flow.

Grout Perfection: Arctic White Stain-Resistant Grout

Attention to detail is our hallmark. To ensure a flawless finish, we used Arctic White stain-resistant grout for the bathtub surround. Not only does it enhance the overall appearance, but it also promises easy maintenance and longevity.

Flooring Elegance: Laura Ashley Wicker Dove Grey Matte Porcelain Tiles

The flooring sets the foundation for any space, and we chose nothing but the best. The Laura Ashley Wicker Dove Grey Matte Porcelain Wall and Floor Tiles, sized at 13×13 inches, create a seamless and soothing atmosphere. Complemented by “Snow White” grout, the floor exudes a sense of tranquility and style.

Vanity Charm: Shaker Style with Brushed Gold and Matte Black Finishes

The vanity is a masterpiece on its own. A custom Shaker-style design, measuring approximately 78″ wide x 35″ in height, with a depth of 21″. Crafted with precision, it boasts soft-close doors and drawers, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. The vanity top, a luxurious veined quartz, radiates sophistication. Our client’s unique taste is evident in the combination of brushed gold and matte black finishes, elevating the vanity to a work of art.

Elegant Paint Palette: SW 9583 “Sanctuary” and SW 9582 “White Sand”

To tie everything together, we selected a captivating paint palette. The walls and ceilings are adorned in SW 9583 “Sanctuary,” a serene hue in an eggshell sheen. The vanity and trim, finished in SW 9582 “White Sand,” boast a satin finish that exudes understated elegance. This combination creates a cohesive and inviting ambiance throughout the bathroom.

Are you ready to transform your own space into a sanctuary of style and luxury? Contact us today to embark on your own renovation journey. Our team is passionate about turning your vision into reality, just as we did with this Owasso masterpiece. Experience the power of design and craftsmanship with every detail meticulously curated for an exceptional result.

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