Explore the Ultimate Outdoor Metamorphosis: Concrete Patio Extension and Cedar Pergola Installation in Owasso, OK

Elevate your outdoor living in Owasso, OK with our latest showcase! We proudly present an exceptional project that seamlessly combines practicality, elegance, and the allure of nature. Introducing an expansive 368 sq ft concrete patio extension, accompanied by a magnificent 10×14′ 3-tier cedar pergola – an outdoor sanctuary where your aspirations come to fruition.


Concrete Patio Extension: Our craftsmen meticulously crafted a flawless concrete patio extension that goes beyond mere dimensions. Opt for a concrete stamp design emulating timeless brickwork, infusing classic charm along the patio’s perimeter. The outcome? A resilient, visually captivating surface that beckons relaxation and social gatherings.

Cedar Pergola Installation: Immerse yourself in nature’s embrace with our captivating cedar pergola installation. Fashioned with precision, this 3-tier cedar pergola stands as the crowning jewel of your outdoor haven. The lustrous, warm tones of the stained cedar harmonize effortlessly with the environment, creating a fusion of sophistication and rustic allure.

At Gorilla Brothers we take immense pride in turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary outdoor escapes. Our skilled team ensures every detail is perfected to surpass your expectations. Whether your vision involves intimate evenings, stylish social gatherings, or simply a peaceful refuge, our concrete patio extension and cedar pergola installation provide the ideal platform for your dreams.

Ready to bring your outdoor aspirations to life in Owasso, OK? Contact Gorilla Brothers today for a consultation, and let’s embark on the journey from concept to reality. Swipe to witness the metamorphosis and draw inspiration for your very own outdoor masterpiece.

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