Chase Away the Chills: Tulsa Bathroom Renovation with a Cozy Tub

Picture this: As winter’s chill settles in, you step into your bathroom, and it’s not just any bathroom—it’s a warm and inviting sanctuary that promises to chase away the chills. Welcome to our Tulsa bathroom renovation, where we’ve transformed an ordinary space into a cozy retreat featuring a tub that’s not only luxurious but keeps you toasty for longer. Let’s dive into this story of comfort and style, where chilly days are met with warm baths, and relaxation knows no bounds.

The Master Plan:

Our clients had some wild ideas (in a good way!). They wanted a bathroom that was spacious, a spa-like retreat, and basically, the coolest place to hang out in their home. Here’s what they had in mind:

  1. A brand-spankin’-new, oversized bathtub for serious relaxation.
  2. A bigger, better walk-in shower.
  3. Out with the old, in with the new lighting by removing a bulky bulkhead.
  4. A stained vanity with a tower because who doesn’t need a bathroom tower?
  5. And the pièce de résistance: a swanky pocket door to make the space feel as roomy as a beachfront cabana!



The Color Story:

To set the mood, we went with “Healing Aloe” (BM 1562) in a satin finish for the walls and ceiling. It’s like a gentle hug from your bathroom, every time you walk in.

The Stain Saga:

For a dash of continuity with the rest of the house, we went with the “Puritan” stain, giving the vanity and tower a touch of that homely charm.

The Countertop Chronicles:

Countertops matter, people! We chose Quartz in “Montauk” for its durability and pizzazz. It’s a surface that screams, “Come, pamper yourself!”

Tiles, Tiles, Tiles:

Tiles are where the real fun began:

  • Flooring: “Ionic Copper” 12×24 tiles – because your bathroom floor should be as cool as you are.
  • Shower Floor: “Hexagon 3” tiles – for a little geometry in the shower.
  • Shower Walls: “Scripter Hero” 12×24 tiles – giving the shower that ‘ultimate relaxation’ vibe.
  • Accent Tile: We threw in “Moss Brit Garage” 3×9 tiles for some flair. Your shower called, it wants to be this fabulous!

The Crown Jewel:

Ta-da! Behold the 66×36 Jason International bathtub. It’s not just any bathtub; it’s a sanctuary on legs. With MicroSilk and UV technology, you’ll feel like a superhero taking a bath. Plus, Delta’s “Lahara” satin nickel fixtures bring the bling.

The Cherry on Top:

For the ultimate throne, we installed a Cimmaron Toilet with a Bidet seat. Let’s be real, folks, you deserve nothing but the best.

The Big Reveal:

We bid farewell to that pesky bulkhead and welcomed the new pocket door with open arms. The result? A bathroom that feels more spacious and zen than ever before.

Our clients couldn’t be happier. Now they have a bathroom where they can relax, unwind, and possibly have impromptu dance parties (we won’t judge!).

Feeling inspired to turn your bathroom into “Chill-Town” Central? Give us a shout. Whether you’re in Tulsa, OK, or Timbuktu, we’re here to make your bathroom dreams come true. Your stylish sanctuary is just a phone call away! 😄

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