A Lesson in Smooth Construction: Gorilla Brothers Renovations’ Recent Detached Garage Build

At Gorilla Brothers Renovations, we take pride in delivering exceptional construction services, even when faced with unexpected challenges. While typically we provide remodel services in the immediate Tulsa area, a recurring customer chose us to complete a project in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. This involved the construction of a detached garage, with a unique twist—our client acted as their own contractor and handled the necessary permits, concrete pouring, and product ordering. While we successfully navigated through some unforeseen hiccups, it underscored the importance of our role in preventing such issues from arising in the first place. Here’s a glimpse into our experience and the lessons learned from this project.

The Role of the Customer as Their Own Contractor:

Our client, determined to oversee the project independently, took charge of securing permits and managing various aspects of the construction process. While we respect the enthusiasm and drive to be hands-on, the project encountered some significant setbacks due to the customer’s involvement in critical decisions.

Challenges Faced: Concrete Installation and Product Ordering Mishaps

Despite the client’s proactive efforts, a few crucial errors in the initial phases created complications that required immediate attention. The concrete slab, a fundamental component of the garage foundation, was not accurately formed according to the architect’s renderings, leading to discrepancies in the final structure. Additionally, an incorrect product order further complicated matters—the client had ordered trusses despite the initial design’s specification for a hipped roof.

Gorilla Brothers Renovations to the Rescue:

While these obstacles could have derailed the project, our team at Gorilla Brothers Renovations swiftly intervened to rectify the situation. With our expertise and problem-solving abilities, we addressed the discrepancies, ensuring that the project stayed on track and met the client’s expectations.

Lessons Learned: The Value of Experience and Expertise

This project highlighted the critical role that professional contractors play in streamlining the construction process. While we appreciate clients who are eager to be involved, our years of experience have equipped us with the insights and foresight to anticipate potential issues and prevent them from materializing. From managing intricate details to overseeing the implementation of architectural plans, our expertise ensures a smoother, more efficient project execution.

Looking Ahead: Partnering for Success

At Gorilla Brothers Renovations, we understand the allure of taking charge of a construction project. However, we aim to collaborate closely with our clients, offering guidance, expertise, and a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in every step of the construction process. By partnering with us, clients can leverage our wealth of knowledge and experience, creating a seamless and successful journey from conception to completion.

Contact Us for Your Next Project:

Whether you’re planning a detached garage, or a home renovation in the Tulsa area, Gorilla Brothers Renovations is here to turn your vision into a reality. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can bring your dream project to life, without the headaches and complications.

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