Upgrade Your Tulsa Remodel with Emser’s Emcore LVT: Expert Contractors at Your Service

Welcome to Gorilla Brothers Renovations, where we take pride in transforming spaces into stunning havens! As we continue to expand our range of exceptional products, we couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce you to the latest addition to our repertoire: Emser’s Emcore 12 mil vinyl tile, also known as LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile).

We understand that the terminology in the world of flooring can sometimes be confusing. You might have come across the abbreviations LVP and LVT, and wondered about the difference. Let’s clear that up. LVP stands for Luxury Vinyl Plank, while LVT refers to Luxury Vinyl Tile. While both are similar in composition and structure, the key difference lies in their shape. LVP comes in long planks, replicating the look of hardwood, whereas LVT comes in tile form, mimicking the appearance of various materials like stone, ceramic, or hardwood.

Now, let’s delve into the exciting world of Emser’s Emcore 12 mil vinyl tile. This remarkable product offers an array of benefits that make it an exceptional choice for your remodeling project. Emcore is engineered with cutting-edge technology, ensuring exceptional durability and resilience to daily wear and tear. Its 12 mil wear layer is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for both residential and commercial settings. With its waterproof and scratch-resistant properties, Emcore boasts an impressive ability to retain its original beauty for years to come.

Why we like Emcore

  • High Durability: Engineered with advanced technology for superior durability, capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic and everyday wear and tear.
  • Waterproof: Resistant to water damage, making it an ideal choice for areas prone to moisture such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.
  • Scratch-Resistant: Built to resist scratches and abrasions, maintaining its pristine appearance even in high-traffic environments.
  • Mimics Natural Materials: Offers the aesthetic appeal of natural materials like stone, ceramic, or hardwood, adding elegance and style to any space.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep, making it a convenient and practical flooring solution for both residential and commercial settings.
  • Easy Installation: Features a user-friendly installation process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for homeowners and professionals alike.
  • Versatile Design Options: Available in a variety of designs, colors, and textures, allowing for easy customization to suit diverse interior design preferences.
  • Long-Term Investment: Provides long-lasting performance, offering an excellent return on investment by retaining its beauty and functionality over the years.
  • Suitable for Various Settings: Perfect for homes, offices, retail spaces, and other high-traffic areas, combining aesthetics with functionality seamlessly.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Offers underfoot comfort and warmth, providing a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for occupants.

At Gorilla Brothers Renovations, we believe in offering our customers the best, which is why we invite you to visit our showroom in Tulsa, OK, to experience the allure of Emser’s Emcore 12 mil vinyl tile firsthand. Imagine the transformative power it can bring to your space, whether you reside in Owasso, Claremore, Collinsville, Oologah, Broken Arrow, Bixby, or Jenks. Our knowledgeable team will be on hand to guide you through the various design options and help you envision the perfect remodeling plan for your home or business.

Make sure to drop by our showroom or give us a call today to schedule your appointment. Let’s bring your remodeling dreams to life with the superior quality and elegance of Emser’s Emcore 12 mil vinyl tile. Your space deserves nothing less than the best, and with Gorilla Brothers Renovations, you can expect excellence every step of the way.

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